Unstuffed Moroccan Leather Poufs & Ottomans

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Moroccan Leather Poufs are one of our most loved handmade products. For over 15 years Morocco Craft has worked with leather artisans in Marrakech, Morocco to produce a collection of traditionally handcrafted leather poufs that are always of the highest quality. A versatile home accessory, our poufs can be used as extra seats, tables, or footstools. Choose from our range of Moroccan Poufs designs and unique contemporary color palette.

These classic leather poufs are handmade by Moroccan artisans and embellished with Moroccan motifs. The unique design embodies traditional craftsmanship and minimalistic design from Morocco Craft.

Morocco Craft strives to preserve Moroccan craft culture with our products by supporting local artisan groups, encouraging authentic designs and skills.

Origin: Marrakech, Morocco
Material: Genuine leather
Colors: White, Gold, Brown, Blue, Black, Red and so on.
Dimensions: 14” H x 22 – W x 20” D

Ethically Handmade in Morocco with love!

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